A Non-Violence Awareness Play
Duration: 40 minutes
Designed For: Elementary Classes

The reset button in video games works like magic. Every time you lose or do something you regret, you just press the button and start over again. However, what three friends quickly discover is that in real life, there is no reset button. Anything said or done will remain, and that is why we need to be so careful with the things we say and do, and the way we treat others.


Purpose: kids will learn the dangers of physical and verbal abuse, and will be equipped with ways to protect themselves and their friends from bullying.


A Hygiene Awareness Play
Duration: 40 minutes
Designed ForElementary Classes

Three kids hate taking showers and cleaning up, so they decide to start their own kingdom where cleanliness is not allowed. Eventually, Ms. Bacteria takes over their kingdom and the children discover the importance of why hygiene matters. The plot is rich in musics, songs and audience participation.


Purpose: kids will learn basic personal hygiene practices and the negative effects of bacteria


An Internet Safety Awareness Play
Duration40 minutes
Designed ForElementary Classes

Sally’s mother asks her to get a few items from the local store. As Sally is walking on the street, she meets several different characters who represent people we might encounter on the internet. Soon Sally finds herself lost in a world that isn’t what it appears to be.


Purpose: kids will learn the three fundamental preventive measures that can project them from any internet abuse they might be exposed to.


A Sexual Abuse Prevention Play
Duration40 minutes
Designed For: Upper Elementary Classes

In a town where everyone is born carrying a private box, one child learns the importance of protecting his her (which one?) privacy, especially from those who appear trustworthy.


Purpose: kids will learn the importance of protecting their private parts and not being luring through guilt and shame.

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